How to get daggers in bfa

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World of Warcraft BfA: Grab a 345 weapon

Last Jump to page:. Anyone else can't get a weapon in BFA? Ran every mythic that drops one last week and this week, every heroic dungeon that drops one every day and I'm still stuck with a terrible or so two handed sword from quests. Also world quests don't give weapons at all this expansion I've checked every day. Reply With Quote. I mean it sounds like you've had very bad luck. I've had no trouble at all. Also, day 2 of being and I got a warglaive from a WQ, and a one from a dungeon quest the day after.

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So they exist. Originally Posted by Uggorthaholy. Thanks but no thanks, Lora, for making me question everything in existence forever. Emissary chest gave one two days ago for horde. I see plenty of weapon drops in dungeons. Just bad luck i guess. No problems actually, got a from wq. Originally Posted by Bythelight. Originally Posted by Flinchyy. Not sure if the alliance had equivalent or if these are unique to your character.Hey guys.

Still stuck on 2 blues I had to buy from AH to get me over ilvl. Lol I think I bought the same daggers.

how to get daggers in bfa

You can get a dagger from the first conquest reward. If you do a bunch more you can get an item to upgrade it to as well as another dagger reward, but it will take a bunch of grinding to get. There are quite a few through various dungeons. Beyond that there are the PvP sources posters above mentioned. I wonder the same thing that daggers are hard to come by. My favorite problem id my loot spec is on assassination, which is my spec and any award I get from world quest caches are outlaw weapons do not get it, makes no sense at all.

Maybe you just need to play tje specc you have the best weapins for. Outlaw is nice because you can use a dagger offhand if you only have one good one.

Also i dont know how expensive they are but engineering can make agil mace, maybe blacksmithing can make daggers. Had to spend 80k to get a dagger. No WQ has yet to offer one. No drops in myth or raid. Where are all the daggers Classes. Smeltor-barthilas 2 December 1. Evandas-jaedenar Evandas 2 December 3. BG drop is one. You just need to get Conquest Points. Other is Honorbound rep drop. Tomer-skullcrusher Tomer 2 December 4. Grizzalcon-stormrage Grizzalcon 3 December 5.

I played combat and got my daggers from Heroic Uldir.

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Lol that is how long it too me. Sybille-cenarion-circle Sybille 3 December 6. Tockery-kiljaeden 15 December 7.I came back to bfa since i played the first month of the exp.

How to Get WoW BfA PvP Gear

Actually im aiming to get some gear and playing arenas as a feral druid, but i just feel like getting gear is so damn hard and exhausting. It feels so unrewarding, i just try to farm azerite and scratch some item level. I wanna play pvp, i dont like dungeons or raiding. Now i just win battlegrounds and get nothing… honor is an ornament now, conquer needs tons of points to get ONE weekly item that is even lower ilvl than the one im wearing and got from a random rare.

PVP feels so unrewarding, spending hours and hours farming rep, and azerite to see that your item level depends on how lucky you are killing random rares. I know i can raid and get good gear, but who wants a feral druid with low ilvl in a damned raid?

PVE feral is lame, pvp feral without items is lame. Do i just give up on this champ? This exp feels like a low content and uncomplete expansion that keeps u busy by farming useless stuff and spending uncountable hours to get… nothing. Unfortunately that is how it is now, you basically gotta depend on the weekly pvp chest and pve emissaries.

When you finally do get a piece from arena it most probably will be a duplicate or a piece with worse stats.

They need to bring back the system they had in WOD. You got decent gear for winning your RBGs and Arenas back then. PVP was fun, even if alliance dominated with human racial. And Ashran was great until they nerfed raids, and the rivalry with Hydra was good fun. That was long gone in WoD but the gearing system i agree was fun. That must have been in a patch at the very end of WOD when they brought in PvP changes in advance of legion, I left after killing Arch.

That should never be the case. Forced anything is a disaster. Still trying to figure out how this makes a level playing field? Like if you get a head start it sounds like a major advantage. Its a joke mate, my mate got a titan forged epic something for losing a big though. Unless you are banging out wins from day one of the season there is no room for catchup as you are straight up behind massively on ilev.

Or you can run a few instances, do a few world quests, then get carried by some pugs in Uldir, find a couple of azerite pieces HC raid equivalent in emissary quests and then queue for RNG fest in arenas. Enjoy the bfa experience. How the hell do i get gear playing pvp?

General Discussion. Owlia-dun-modr December 27,am 1. Spirl-ravencrest Spirl December 27,am 2. Punyelf-draenor Punyelf December 27,am 4.Make sure to check your Emissary Quests via the world map on a daily basis to not miss any upgrades. Or in other words, if you do stop any upgrades — do them right away! Obviously, this is a straightforward method for obtaining PvP gear. Yep, just cap out your conquest points for great and easy-to-acquire PvP gear! Even better, your Conquest cap is calculated from all brackets, not just from 2v2, 3v3 or so.

These item levels related to the items that you receive as rewards are directly tied to your personal rating. And to make your life easier, Blizzard has already explained the item level rewards for all the tiers and ratings in a blue post.

Now, this is the rating-based tier system that was introduced during the first PvP season of BfA. But the PvP system went through a number of additional changes like the disabling of the War Mode that can be done in any place where your character feels rested in. There were also new reward bonuses for this mode that become accessible only if your faction has been outnumbered during the previous week.

And on top of that, strongboxes now offer better rewards even for unrated PvP battles. Arguably the biggest thing in Season 2 is the new Elite Bracket tier. You become a part of this tier once you hit a rating of 2, and you receive a unique tabard and a fitting title for your class. Another new addition is that players now get to choose between several Conquest rewards.

The standard version can be unlocked by getting the regular BfA PvP gear. Leave a comment below with your answer! Now, these […]. Find Out Now. Improve your WoW Gameplay from these guides.

how to get daggers in bfa

World of Warcraft. Ever since Shadowlands was first announced at BlizzconWoW fans have been fascinated by one particular feature. This of The eternal constant War between the Alliance and the Horde has finally taken its toll in the World of Azeroth World of Warcraft has various aspects that spark rather heated debates and plenty of controversy.

One of them is undoubtedly Previous Next. Leave A Comment Cancel reply.

Fastest way to gear up in Battle for Azeroth (BFA)

Search for:.Forgot your password? In this guide, you are going to learn which legendary weapons can be used for transmogrification in Visions of N'Zoth and how to obtain them. Warglaives of Azzinoth dropped from Illidan in Black Temple cannot be used for transmog, as a custom method, for Demon Hunters in particular, to obtain this transmog appearance already exists through Black Temple Timewalking Arsenal: The Warglaives of Azzinoth.

Weapons used during the encounter against Kael'thas Sunstrider in The Eye are obviously not available for transmog either, because they have a limited duration and disappear 15 minutes after you loot them. Although you can use Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian for transmog if you own one, the weapon itself is no longer obtainable if you do not have the appropriate quest in your Quest Log.

Below is a list of all legendary weapons that are currently available for transmogrification. Clicking the thumbnail will take you to that weapon's specific page.

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Top 8 Best One Handed Daggers In The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Remastered #PumaCounts

Overwatch 2. Tanking Guide. Healing Guide. WoW Classic Class Guides! Death Knight. Leveling Up Demon Hunter. Beast Mastery. PATCH 8. Horrific Visions Guides. Horrific Visions Hub. Titan Research Archive.This guide provides an overview of the additions and changes to Leatherworking in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth. Check out my guide on How to Unlock the Void Focus. You can get the recipes for the new boots and pants from Faceless, K'thir, Aqir, and Cultists mobs that worship N'Zoth random drop.

Not available on week 1 of patch 8. You will discover the recipe for the ilvl armors by crafting the ilvl ones. And you need to craft the ilvl armors to discover the ilvl armor recipes. The new BfA Leatherworking skill is named differently for the two factions, but the name is the only difference between them.

If you are having trouble finding the trainers, you can walk up to a guard in Dazar'alor or Boralus then ask where the Leatherworking trainer is. Asking the guard will place a red marker on your map at the trainer's location. Professions skills are split between expansions now, and you'll have a separate skill bar for each expansion. This means you can level the new Battle for Azeroth skill tier without putting any point into any of the previous expansions tiers.

You don't have to level Leatherworking with older materials to be able to craft the new BfA items.

how to get daggers in bfa

The new Battle for Azeroth Leatherworking has a maximum of skill points. You can read more about this in my BfA Profession overview. Every BfA recipe will require different Leatherworking skill levels, so it's very different from what we had in Legion where you could craft most high-level items with Leatherworking skill 1. You will have to level your BfA Leatherworking skill up if you want to craft high-level items. Check out my BfA Leatherworking leveling guideif you are looking for an in-depth leveling guide with exact numbers and reagents needed.

Most recipes still have ranks just like in Legion, but there are no profession quests for crafting profession in BfA, you will learn most rank 1 and rank 2 recipes from your trainer. They are gated by profession skill, so you have to level your Leatherworking up to get every recipe. Currently, you can buy most rank 2 and 3 recipes with Mark of Honorand you can buy the rest from reputation vendors, but none of them require Exalted reputation, only Revered, so it's pretty easy to get them.

If you level your character to level and your Battle for Azeroth Leatherworking tothen you can unlock a special questline to craft Mallet of Thunderous Skins. This item allows you to interact with Drums of Primal Might at various spots in Zandalar and Kul Tiras to get one of three buffs.

You can also use the Mallet to provide you with the same haste buff as a Drums of the Maelstrom permanent drums basically, you never have to craft one again. The questline will take you through the process of creating your tool and give you some backstory on where the recipe comes from.My Hunter has been getting weapons but not that often whereas my warlock has been getting absolutely nothing.

BFA has been weird with weapons since the beginning, they just seems to be rare drops for some reason. I saw 1 drop from pve in the entire expansions the other 2 were from pvp conquest caps. I am just curious, what do you expect? You hop in once and loot exactly what you need? The question was after exhausting so many options and tiring of the repetitive nature trying to get a weapon was there an area I missed. And as Holystephan pointed out I could try out some pvp to get somthing.

And as Teknetia said his also noticing the lack of arms. The loot system in bfa is a bad mistress this expansion. I log in once a day on my low geared alts. I will see, if there is a weapon wq up. Usually it takes something between weeks until one pops up. So my way to deal with it is simply wait.

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Still, until today when there was a weapon wq up, that alt had been using below ilvl weapon while rest of the gear were on average i think.

Indeed, that is also a solution, but weapons in AH are ridiculously priced. Why would I pay 25k gold for ilvl weapon that I will replace as soon as weapon wq pops up? Or emissary? Unfortunately, the alt was also on opposite faction that I usually play. My profession alts couldnt send item from alliance to horde. I have very little interest to level another bs for horde….

The first item on the PvP Conquest reward table is a weapon. Here is a complete list. Farming weapons was always a crapshoot remember that frickin axe from the Phoenix in Burning Crusade? Its took me like 30 Raidresets to get two of them. Thats more than half a year… We forgot that because of Legion and the Artifactweapons.

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Thats why I was so bummed when the Artifactsystem was over.